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  In the new era of Retail Marketing, Executive Events provide the best solution for promoting your products, by knowing the current pulse & beats of the customers  
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Product Launches
Special Occasion
Intervallic Promotional activities Events
          Venue Arragements
This plays a very important role in creating an apt ambience and thereby attracting the customers. We help in planning, organizing and executing the various aspects in connection with venue arrangements like…

• Reception
• Stage construction/extension
• Décor
• Stalls & Counter

Venue & Outdoor Branding

We help in publicly distinguishing your products, services or concepts from others’ products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and marketed.
Brandings can be done outdoor and indoor and incorporated on…

• Backdrop
• Standees
• Hoarding, Banners, Signages
• Welcome Arch
• Welcome Board

Audio Visual Arrangements

We are specialized in the installation, operation and maintenance of latest technologies used in all aspects of audio-visual requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce stunning, high impact technically cutting edge productions through our…
• Projectors & Projection Screens
• LCD Monitors
• Laptops
• Plasmas
• Digital Switcher & Splitter
• Light & Sound System
• Networking
• Live Transmission
• Photography
• Videography
• Light and Sound Arrangements

Manpower Arrangements

We organize the manpower required to meet any particular aspect in connection with promotions like. Our team of emcees, volunteers and hostess are the most competitive and highly demanded group.

• Emcees
• Volunteers
• Hostess

Games & Entertainments

We have access to the best group of entertainers, games and gaming artists to add that extra glitz and glamour to your show.

• National & International Artists’ performance
• Games for all age group
• Skilled Performances

Showroom promotion

  Every successful company has to use some sort of promotion to influence certain audiences, usually customers or prospects, by informing or persuading them. The key is to find the methods that are appropriate for your business, marketplace and professional style.

What we do
• Increasing your visibility
• Adding credibility to you or your company
• Enhancing or improving your image and bringing in new business
How we do
• Brand building activities
• Games & contests to generate brand awareness
• Demonstrations/Display/Free trial activities
• Seminars or awareness campaign
• Showroom Decor
  Seasonal & special occasion décor & themes
  Décor with brand related elements & articles
  Special occasion music & other entertaining activities
• Graphic Design
  Our Team of Graphic Designers will digitize your logo for any apparel cresting method, or for any promotional   product imprint
  Promotional merchandising
  Physical presentation of products and displays, and the decisions about which products should be presented to   which customers at what time.

Visual Merchandising

  It is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus. It educates the customers, creates desire and finally augments the selling process.

Why do it
• To make it easier for the shopper to locate the desired category and merchandise.
• To make it easier for the shopper to self-select.
• To make it possible for the shopper to co-ordinate & accessorize.
• To provide information on sizes, colours & prices.
• Inform about the latest fashion trends by highlighting them at strategic locations.
  What we do
• Educate the customers about the product/service in an effective and creative way.
• Establish a creative medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, thereby enabling long lasting impact and recall value.
• Set the company apart in an exclusive position.
• Establish linkage between fashion, product design and marketing by keeping the product in prime focus.
• Combine the creative, technical and operational aspects of a product and the business.
• Draw the attention of the customer to enable him to take purchase decision within shortest possible time, and thus augmenting the selling process.
How we do
• Develop suitable Planogram :Allows planning of the arrangement of merchandise on a given fixture configuration to    support sales through proper placement of merchandise by Style, Option, Size, Price points, etc
• Window Displays:  It is also in a means a "visiting card" for the store. Managing the display of items for sale.
• Retail design:  Retail Space management that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the   consumer.

Activity Counters

Keeping up the vigor and energy high throughout and keep the customers entertained and maintaining the excitement level are very important factors of any mall promotion activity. We are fully equipped in this aspect and we are in to the continuous process of researching and developing suitable activities to fulfill the said requisites.

Some of the activities are:

• Tattoo and face painting
• Mehendi counter
• Candy man
• Pop-corn
• Walk-around magician

Branded Dolls

An attractive way to display and exhibit the product, service or concept is by using branded dolls.